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A woman Arrives at a cloudy pebble beach, with no memory of her past life, due to the rules of the research that she is partaking in, which is run by Yerborne Holdings.

Katie Ward works as an analyst for the recently nationalised Yerborne Holdings, who administers the 'Arrivals' Program. One evening, she discovers a large error while carrying out routine work.

Both will discover the truth. Both must choose... but how will their choices change what they know?

Audio Diaries

Here is where all the pre-production monthly audio diaries live - transcripts are available for all.

January - Link to Transcript

Cast & Crew

As the show is still in production, currently there are only two people on the team!

Kirsty Woolven - Producer and Writer
Her Twitter - @kirstywoolven
While this is the first audiofiction that Kirsty's written, you may have heard her in several audiofiction podcasts before! These include The 12:37, The Kingery, Windfall, Haunted Hell House of Horror, Soulborn City and Y2K.

Libby Woolven - Artist
Her Instagram - @libbywoolven
Libby is way cooler than her sister so she doesn't do voice acting or weird stuff like that, she plays guitar, illustration and rides horses!


Each episode will be linked as it is released. Transcripts and trigger warnings will be provided for each episode.

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This podcast is only possible with the talent, skills and time that all cast and crew put into the show for you, and it is only right and fair to compensate everyone involved with the show as much as we can. However we can't pay the full amount, so we're turning to you to help in anyway you are able to.

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